Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holy Trinity at Cambrian Sea

Bible gives us the foundations for the following vision

The Spirit of God hovering - for that is what the original Hebrew verb in Genesis 1:2 implies - over the waters. Present.

God the Father busy at work (not very busy in our human timescale!) innovating, creating, doing things according to His free will and decision. God does what God wants.

Everything He does through His Word, by saying. Not by thinking but by saying.

God's words are here not Hebrew grammar and syntax (or Aramaic or Greek, the other languages of the Bible) for humanity does not yet exist. They are Words of Creation.

Word of God is not something abstract or putting of thoughts into syllables and words but a person - this we learn from the Bible, Gospel of John - In the beginning there was Word.

The Son of God is there playing happily with the creations of His Father and involved in their making in a way we cannot fathom and do not need to fathom. Curiosity has its limits and so has human ability to understand divine things that are not explicitly revealed to us.

Yet faith in the Word of Creation is not authoritative faith in a manner that stifles human brain and curiosity and the way people in the Church of Christ have often used the concept - we have the truth and you Galileo better accept it!

On the contrary, living faith in living Word of God seeks for understanding and loves truth and cannot stand lies and false claims even in the name of God.

So, beside each and every representative of authoritative Christians seeking to submit other people under the Truth they know - by force if necessary for their own good - we can set humble truth seeking Christians ready to learn from anyone who knows something about the truth and to defend them against persecution.

Both exist and history of Church is a scary one exactly for this reason.

Seeking and loving the truth does not mean possessing the truth!

For good reason it has been said "when you meet a person who has found the truth - run!"

Living Word creates Christians that know Who is Truth but in no way possess Him.

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