Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Word of Creation - song of joy, freedom and love

In his oratorio Joseph Haydn catches perfectly with the means giving to him by music the happy morning of creation and presents it joyfully and with childish faith in God.

A natural scientist may be highly suspicious of talk about Holy Trinity at Cambrian Sea - what have the two to do with each other, hard sciences and facts and human religious feelings and ancient myths and scriptures?

One important point is that Biblical message about creation is a veritable slaughter house of ancient pagan idols from the scene of creation. But it does more than eliminate multitude of creation gods and daemons from the mind.

Biblical message about creation smashes modern philosophies and scientific ideas that shackle human mind.

We must remember, that Charles Darwin lived in an era of Western Culture when world view was ruled by Sir Isaac Newton and his colleagues and students - in a mechanical world.

Darwinism is a fundamentally important breakthrough in modern science and human understanding of living reality and humanity itself.

But in its early form Darwinism is mechanistic way of looking at life, a system like some calculated physical phenomenon, bending of light by the rules in prism, a life machine producing species by a system.

I personally like to call evolution "a lathe of God" used by Him to fine tune the creation and to give it adaptive powers in the changing environment. It is a divine tool among other tools, such as the doubling of chromosomes in a cell.

Word of God blows like a free wind and wants to free humans from the shackles of their own dark thoughts about some deterministic natural processes ruling the cold world with cold laws slowly grasped by people.

Word of God teaches and guides humanity towards a fuller realization of what is knowledge and what is wisdom.

The beauty, innovation, share joy of divine Creation with its sense of humour, majestic splendour, awesome catastrophes in cosmic scale, gentle love of Bambi.

He makes us free and makes the scientist free to experiment, imagine, search for truth and rejoice in Him, through whom all this has been made.

We humans turn this treasure into a monstrous tool of religious oppression.

The song of Word of God is ultimately a song of joy, freedom and love.

Even amongst the academic wolverines!

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